Welcome to Sibling Link. If you have a brother or sister affected by mental ill health, you will have experienced some distress.

We are Tash and Bex and we are quietly optimistic that the momentum on talking about mental health – we all have mental health – is gathering pace. We are privileged and honoured to be part of that shift and hope to keep it going for as long as it takes for the stigma surrounding mental ill health to completely disappear.
Sibling Link is a peer support group for anyone over 18 with a brother or sister who has or has had a mental illness. We meet once a month in Brighton & Hove. We are also an online platform in which we hope you'll find comfort and advice for you and your loved one (not limited to siblings).
Being mates with very ill brothers and chatting over multiple beers about it, meant that we had inadvertently created our very own peer support group. We laughed a lot together, cried buckets (standard) but above all, felt extremely lucky to have had each other to lean on.