Bereaved by Suicide

Our Walk & Talk meetings are separate to the general meetings. They are specifically for those of us – not limited to siblings – who have been bereaved by suicide.

With much pride and enormous gratitude, we want to let you all know that Sibling Link is coming to a gentle end.

We hope that by having attended these meetings, you know that you’re not alone in your journey as a worried sibling or bereaved loved one.

The last walk and talk will be in May.

Next Walk & Talk – Sunday 5th May 2024

Meeting place – TBC at 10am.

Please email for more details and to join.

Where and when do we meet?

We meet every month but the day and time can change. Please check back here to find out when the next session is happening.

What happens at a Walk & Talk?

We start at the meeting place which is stated above. We’ll have a stroll and a chat and if it rains, there’s always the café. Some people talk about their loss – sometimes people don’t want to – it’s up to you. Whatever happens you will realise that you are not alone and meeting face to face with others who have a similar experience can be very powerful. You can bring a friend or family member (including children and / or pets). The walk lasts about 45 minutes.

How to join us

To join us, just drop us an email at or just turn up on the day.

Why do we think this is important?

When someone you care about has taken their own life, it can be a very unique experience and can bring up many feelings for those family and friends who knew them; there are often questions unanswered and emotions can feel complicated; you may feel hurt, there can be guilt, regret, or simply utter shock.

These walk and talks are for anyone who has been affected by suicide; parent, son, daughter, sibling, friend, cousin, and even a work colleague, the ripple effect of such a death is huge. Everyone responds differently to this kind of loss. Whether it is a recent death or if it happened years ago – it can be therapeutic to talk with others who have experienced a bereavement like this. 

People who can talk with others who have experienced the same type of loss, without judgement or having to explain why they are there, can feel less isolated and even gain some comfort from knowing that others understand how they are feeling.

"Sibling Link's monthly meeting gives me a non-judgmental space to share my feelings."

"I am relieved to know I'm not alone and my experiences and feelings are not unique."

"I'm feeling understood and have more tools to cope."

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