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We understand that it won’t always be possible to attend meetings, so you can share your story here; of yours, your sibling’s or another loved one’s mental health.

This is a safe space

You can share using your name, a pseudonym, your dog’s name, whatever you feel comfortable with. One thing you can be sure of is that someone will resonate with your story.
We believe peer support is important, vital even, if we are to stay well. We hope you will share your experience and keep people talking about Mental Health.

Running to Support Others

Having attended our Bereaved By Suicide peer support group over the last couple of years, Lou was determined to raise money for a cause that is close to her heart.

Will’s Story

It’s the guilt that gets you. When Ali died all my worries about how his life might go and my concerns of whether I would be able to sort things out for him just evaporated.

Lyn’s Story

I haven’t seen my brother for 15 years. He hasn’t met my children who used to ask about him and wondered why he never comes round but are gradually losing interest and rarely mention him now.

Alastair Campbell

Writer and communicator Alastair Campbell has kindly allowed us to share the story of his brother, Donald.

Share your Story

Please submit your story here. If you are happy for us to include a picture please email this to us at, and reference the name you have used, this can be of you, you and your sibling or just of a place that means something to you. If you don’t have a picture we can use one of our Sibling Link images to illustrate your story.


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"Sibling Link was born out of a very real sense that life can feel less daunting if you simply have a conversation with someone who is in the same boat as you."

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