Our monthly peer support meetings are for siblings whose brother or sister is struggling with mental ill health and we meet to chat, regardless of the illness and diagnosis and in some cases whether the sibling is no longer with us. Our ‘Walk and Talk’ sessions are very specifically for any sibling bereaved by suicide.

Why do we think this is important? 

When a sibling has taken their own life, it can be a very unique experience and can bring up many feelings. There are often questions unanswered, you may feel hurt, there can be guilt, regret, or simply utter shock. You may feel that you need to help your parents and put your grief on hold. Or you may notice the family dynamic changes. Everyone responds differently to this kind of loss. Whether it is recent or years ago - it can be therapeutic to talk with others who have experienced a bereavement like this. Through holding our peer support meetings, we found there was a need for siblings to talk with others who had experienced this type of loss without judgement or having to explain. 

When are the meetings?

We meet every month but the day and time can change.

When is the next walk? 

Date -  TBC

What happens at a walk and talk? 

We start at the meeting place which is stated above. We’ll have a stroll and a chat and if it rains, there’s always the café. Some people talk about their loss – sometimes people don’t want to - it’s up to you.  Whatever happens you will realise that you are not alone and meeting face to face with others who have a similar experience can be very powerful.  You can bring a friend or family member (including children and / or pets). The walk lasts about 45 minutes. 

How do you join us?  

Join us by emailing info@siblinglink.co.uk or simply turn up on the day. 

Support for siblings bereaved by suicide


Call 116 123    Email jo@samaritans.org

(Bereavement Counselling) 

Cal01273 234007  EmailBrighton@cruse.org.uk

(Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide)

Call Paula on 07747 664 294   Email: sobs.brighton@gmail.com 

Brighton and Hove Well being Service
(A primary care mental health service for people registered with a Brighton and Hove GP only) 

Call 0300 002 0060

Facing the Future
support for those bereaved by suicide)

Call 0208 939 9560 email info@facingthefuturegroups.org 

Winston's Wish
 (Offering support and guidance for bereaved children and families)

 Call 08452 030405  Emailchris@winstonswish.org.uk